The philosophy of our company is written in its history

Over ninety years ago, the tenant farmer Nazzareno Frollà perceived the need of the local building contractors to be supplied with aggregates for the production of concrete and mortar. Then, after having purchased two Maremma oxen, he began transporting sand and gravel for the building by hand loading it from the Tenna river bed, initially alone, then with the precious help of the young sons Mario, Remo, Giovanni and Adino, who the second generation of the company actually began.
In compliance with the company philosophy of increasingly supporting local builders, in 1958 the company began a development phase that began with its first major investment: the purchase of the first Paladini Lucca model self-propelled screening excavator.
Subsequently the construction of the aggregates washing and crushing plant was carried out, up to a production of pre-packed concretes over a decade, which led the company to occupy an important role in the construction boom of the Tenna valley of the years 70.

Currently Frollà S.r.l. has reached the fourth generation of activity and, as in the past, in order to be ever closer to local builders and respecting the environment, it has expanded its range of services and strengthened the existing ones thanks to:

  1. own quarries for raw materials
  2. certified products and services
  3. a laboratory for experiments and material tests
  4. consultancy services available to designers and companies
  5. a new aggregates plant completely redone in 2006
  6. a natural clarification system for the turbid waters of aggregate washing
  7. filter press for washing truck mixers and pumps